Find the Integrated Life You’re Longing For

Don’t let work rob you of the life you’ve always wanted.


Create your life plan

Benefit from a Coach & a Community

Love Your New Life

Life’s Too Short to Miss Out on What’s Most Important to You!

You work hard and you’re proud of the value you add. But walking through the door totally exhausted when you get home from work isn’t working for you.

It’s so frustrating that important parts of your life don’t get what they deserve. There’s got to be a better way!



There is a better way! Teleion’s Life Plan & Work  Integration

Your Plan to Creating a Life of Meaning


Create a Life Plan That Works For You!

You will experience the amazing Business Made Simple Hero On A Mission course and create your own fully-customized life plan.

Receive Premier Group Coaching

Join a small group of like-minded and ambitious business leaders. Teleion’s Founder and CEO will coach the group every step of the way.

Enjoy a Supportive Community of Professionals Like You

Learn from and with your group of peers how to create and maintain the integrated life you deserve. They will cheer you on and you cheer them on.

What Others Are Saying

Glen is a fantastic coach with the ability to lead with a strong hand but still very approachable. He helped me get the feedback I needed and move forward quickly. I recommend Glen’s group coaching to anyone looking to make progress quickly.

Jake Jordan

I joined Glen’s small group coaching group for a couple of reasons. First, I needed the weekly deadlines to get more of my most important work done so I could progress in making my business grow. Secondly, I was interested in having the connection, support, and expertise of other like-minded business owners. Glen provided the structure along with his skillful leadership style that delivered big time on both! I feel so much more confident of the direction of my business.

Jen Henry

Founder of Business on Purpose

Find the integrated life you’re looking for.

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Join Teleion’s 8-Week Coaching Group

Step 2:

Create Your Life Plan

Step 3:

Experience Work-Life Integration

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