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Day 8: Giving Myself More Time

by Jan 8, 2021HOAM Insights, Productivity Hacks0 comments

One issue I have about using Hero On A Mission (HOAM) right now is the amount of time it takes each day for me to:

  • read through my Life Plan,
  • review my goals,
  • then fill out my Daily Planner sheet.

Currently it takes me 30 minutes. I’d like to lower that by half.


I have a couple of things working against me.

First, I’m a high C on the DiSC Profile. That means details matter to me.

So, when I fill out the Daily Planner Sheet I’m inclined to include a lot of details = more time.

Second, I like predictable structure.

So, I often fill out daily planner sheets five-plus days a week.

If I could complete the morning ritual in 15 minutes, I’d save myself at least an hour a week in productive time.

As a startup freelancer that hour each week is gold!


I think I’ve thought of a hack that can get me there—only fill out the “Secondary Tasks” on Monday.

I rarely get through my three primary tasks with much extra time to work on the secondary tasks each day.

But because I’m a high C, I spend a lot of time filling that section out each day.

I’m going to experiment by only filling out the secondary tasks in detail on Monday. That ensures I’m not allowing tasks to drop through the cracks.

On the remaining days of the week. If I get through my primary tasks with time to spare, I just need to refer back to Monday of that week and pick up where I left off.

Another hint.

I like to number those secondary tasks according to priority level. This makes it easier to do the most important ones first.

I’m excited to see if this will add at least an hour to each week.

In terms of productivity, that’s a whole week’s worth of time I could repurpose every single year. Without working more hours.

Sign me up for that!

Glen Stevens

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