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Day 98: How Priorities Make Decisions Easier and Better

by Apr 7, 2021Coaching, Productivity0 comments

Yesterday I was feeling some of the side effects of the COVID vaccination I received on Friday. Feeling tired topped the list. My mind also seemed to be moving a couple of gears slower than usual. That’s not ideal for a person whose career depends on a sharp mind. But this Hero On A Mission (HOAM) showed up and did his work. But he was also wise and listened to his body (at least a lot better than when he was a younger version of himself.)

Professionals Show Up Like They Promised

What that meant was I showed up Tuesday morning for my fantastic Coaching Group that meets at 8:15 week. Four women and two men had another helpful coaching session working through the “Mission Statement Made Simple” course in Business Made Simple University. We got better at communicating why what we do in our businesses matters because of the positive impact our companies make on the world.

Choosing the Most Important

Then I created a proposal for a potential coaching client. The truth is: there are about 25 things I could have done yesterday mid-morning. But my most important HOAM goal is to bring on more coaching clients. Knowing that’s my top priority this quarter meant I said “No” to the 24 other things, so I could focus on the one thing that moved me closer to my goal.

Listening to My Body

It was very satisfying to know that I was being as effective as possible with my limited time and energy yesterday morning. It also gave me incredible freedom to not “over work.” So instead, in the afternoon I listened to my body and took a nap.

My body really needed the down time, rest, and refreshment the long nap provided. I’ve talked recently about how my HOAM Vision Statements remind me not to overwork. That reminder and perspective helped me take a long, guilt-free nap. Which is worth a lot emotionally as well as physically.

I grew up with a huge work ethic. Often in the past, not working in order to take care of my health caused feelings of troubling guilt for me. Not yesterday! I got under the covers with confidence. When I woke up I wasn’t feeling back to normal. But so much better. That allowed me to get an hour of writing done which I really enjoyed.

Giving Jill My Best

The biggest payoff came after work. Tuesday night is date night for Jill and me. Because I’d napped I was able to be alert, present, engaged, and fun to be with for Jill. We went out on a simple, inexpensive date and enjoyed sharing the events of the day. We did some creative thinking together and Jill gave me some deeper insight into myself. We did some planning for the rest of the week. And best of all—we topped it off with delicious ice cream!

Glen Stevens

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