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Day 97: When Having More Interests Means Less Satisfaction

by Apr 6, 2021Challenges, HOAM Insights0 comments

I find so many things in life extremely interesting! I love my family and meeting people, and seeing how different we all are. I soak in nature, especially the beauty of plants and trees and landscapes. Because of that I love travel (or over this last year, the thought of travel). Different foods are so much fun to try, and to learn how to cook. I’m a sports fanatic. I’m a student of leadership and enjoy learning whatever I can to be a better leader and help others lead where they are. I really enjoy leadership development, and training, and teaching, and coaching. I simply love to learn. I can’t get enough of the Bible and love reading it and discussing it with others who are reading it with me.

I haven’t even mentioned my interest in business, gardening, healthy living, financial planning, strategic thinking, or dark chocolate!

The Problem with Too Many Interests

Having so many interests and broad knowledge means I am never bored. Ever. But it also means I very easily commit myself to too many things at the same time. As a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) I’m learning how this holds me back by spreading me too thin. It’s like I’m going too many directions at the same time. Or I’m juggling too many balls at once. It doesn’t end well.

Because I review my Life Plan regularly, I have become painfully aware that some of my goals aren’t getting met. I’m OK not reaching every goal. But when the gap between goal and reality is too large; or if there are too many gaps. That’s a signal something’s wrong. And I’m discovering that what’s wrong is me and my proclivity to bite off more than I can chew.

The Scattered Effect

I’m also noticing that I’m too scattered trying to make significant contributions in different arenas using different skills. I don’t focus enough for the most important desired outcomes to become reality.

The evidence for this verdict is in my HOAM Life Plan goals. I’m trying to do too many disconnected things. I need to make some changes to get where I want to go. That’s not fun to realize. But it’s extremely helpful to be given this awareness. Now, I need to figure out how to make those changes.

Glen Stevens

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