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Day 94: What Made Good Friday 2021 Special for Me

by Apr 3, 2021HOAM Elements, HOAM Insights, Weekends0 comments

Yesterday, Good Friday, several aspects of my Life Plan converged. The combination of practices, people, and events brought feelings of holistic contentment to my heart that made think, “This Hero On A Mission (HOAM) is living the life he’s wanting to live.” Now that I think of it, “…the life I’ve been called to live.”

Here’s the separate events that my HOAM Life Plan helped me see were the makings of a whole and meaningful day for me.

  • Reading the story of the crucifixion of Jesus in Mark’s Gospel.
  • Reading my Life Plan in my HOAM morning routine.
  • Meeting a friend for lunch who is looking to be a part of a micro-church.
  • Getting my first COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Writing a LinkedIn post about servant leadership.
  • Watching episode three from season one of The Chosen with Jill.

I’d love to blog about each one of these, but I don’t have enough time for that. Instead, I will highlight my start to the day and the LinkedIn post.

The Original Good Friday

As a HOAM I have 10-Year, 5-Year, and 1-Year vision statements. Each of those have a section where I wrote down spiritual practices I want to emphasize in my spiritual journey. Each has some version of: “I will read the Bible daily and be in a Bible Book Club.”

I like to do my Bible reading early in my morning routine, before I read my life plan. Yesterday I was at the end of Mark’s Gospel. It was spiritually significant to read Mark’s account of Jesus’ death on Good Friday 2021. Two things jumped out at me.

  1. The time markers.
  • Jesus was crucified at 9 AM.
  • Darkness swallowed the daylight at noon.
  • Jesus died at 3 PM.

As I went through my day, when 9 AM, noon, and 3 PM hit I was conscious of what was happening at the place called “The Skull” just outside Jerusalem’s city limits almost 2,000 years ago. It helped me connect on an emotional level with the significance of Good Friday.

2. The use of the phrase “King of the Jews.”

It was surprising how many times the phrase “King of the Jews” was used to mock Jesus in this section of Mark’s Gospel. The people who said it didn’t believe it. And at a deeper level, they didn’t have a clue how truly they spoke. Jesus really was the descendant of King David that the Jewish people had been waiting and praying for. They simply didn’t have eyes to see. At least not yet.

A Servant Leader

On LinkedIn in 2021 I have been posting content that relates the concepts in business books to teachings found in the Bible. The phrase “King of the Jews” from my Bible reading made me think of Jim Collin’s business book, Good to Great, and what it had to say about leaders of great companies.

Instead of explaining, here’s the post for you to read.

Level Five Leader

Imagine a king who didn’t grab power. Who didn’t exert power for personal gain. A king who humbly put the best interests of others and a greater cause ahead of himself. That would be a pretty good picture of what Jim Collins called a Level 5 Leader in his classic book “Good to Great.”

Collins studied companies that made the leap from good to great to see what differentiated them from companies that didn’t get there. One of the things he and his team of researchers found was a Level 5 Leader at the helm. A woman, or a man, who possessed true humility combined with an indomitable will. Leaders who were extremely ambitious for the cause of the company, not for themselves.

So, as I’m fond of asking: How does Level 5 Leadership square with the Bible’s picture of leadership?

Answer: Hand in glove!!

Collin’s description of a Level 5 sounds exactly like the kind of leadership Jesus advocated in the Gospels. This Friday–Good Friday–let’s remember there is a King who came not to be served by others, but to serve. A King who went so far as to give his life to set others free from a cruel slavery and fate.

I posted my LinkedIn content as close to 3 PM as I possibly could to honor the King On A Mission who died so you and I could live a new kind of life if we choose to follow him.

No wonder we call it Good Friday.

Glen Stevens

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