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Day 93: Everybody’s Life Is Better with a Coach

by Apr 2, 2021Coaching, Productivity0 comments

I think everyone deserves a skilled coach. I say that is because I’ve seen the power of coaching in so many people’s lives. And I really believe people’s lives are better when they have a coach. If I’m right in all of this, then a coach’s life is also better when he or she has a coach. That’s why I spent an hour and a half today being coached.

A Vision Often Demands a Coach

As a Hero On A Mission (HOAM), I have created a vision for my life. I’ve thought through and written down the kind of person I want to be and what I want to do with the remainder of my life. Part of that story is the building of a coaching business that serves faith-based business leaders. I also have financial goals I’m trying to achieve through that business.

All of this is tied to another vision I have. I long to see a network of micro-churches planted that truly love the growing number of people who are disinterested in and skeptical of any church. The coaching business will not only serve my clients. It will not only serve my family by providing for our financial needs. It will also serve the future participants in the micro-churches that will be started by giving me freedom to be a leader for the micro-church network.

Today I Got Coached

So today I met with my coach who will help me reach the financial goals I have for my business. We’re focused on this quarter. But I know it will have ripple effects for years to come. Here’s what we worked on:

  • We established and agreed on our goals for the coaching relationship.
  • He walked me through an exercise that helped me better realize the kinds of business leaders who will want to work with me.
  • He helped me understand what these leaders want, have, don’t have, and need from a coach.
  • He also helped me think through what I specifically offer these leaders as a coach that sets me apart.
  • Finally, he gave me an assignment to work on before I meet with him again next week.

It was really fun to have a skilled coach helping me figure out how my vision for my life can be realized. The time flew bye so quickly. I’m excited for my next coaching appointment with him. And I’m excited to coach one of the business leaders I’m serving later today.

Glen Stevens

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