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Day 91: Put the Power of Consistency to Work for You

by Mar 31, 2021Coaching, HOAM Elements, Productivity, What Is A HOAM?0 comments

Consistency Speaks

Consistency: noun, “harmony of conduct or practice with profession.” Consistency means I’ve posted in this blog 90 days in a row since January 1st. One fourth of this year-long commitment is in the books! Consistency means last Friday I had posted 60 workdays in a row on LinkedIn about business and the Bible. Consistency means people can count on me. Consistency means I’ve demonstrated some tangible evidence that I’m trustworthy.

Both this commitment to blog daily about my year of living as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) and to write those 60 LinkedIn posts are goals I created in my HOAM Life Plan. They then found their way onto my HOAM Goal sheets. They also appeared as a primary activity on most of my HOAM Daily Planner sheets I’ve filled out over the past three months.

The consistency of reviewing my life plan and goals and creating daily actions is part of what has helped me to follow through on my commitments when it’s been hard. This is one of the benefits of being a HOAM–It encourages and nurtures consistency around what matters most.

Consistency Matters

Life depends upon consistency. We count on the sun coming up in the morning (not whenever it feels like it). We count on family and friends to be there for us when we need them (often when it’s not easy to show up). We count on employees to do the work we’re paying them to do. We count on our employers to pay us what they promised on pay day. We count on customers to pay for the products and services we sell them. We count on our internet connection to work. I could go on and on.

Consistency Must Be Wisely Applied

It’s possible to be consistent with the wrong things:

  • bad habits
  • hurtful patterns of behavior
  • hurtful patterns of speech
  • neglect of your family and friends
  • again, I could go on and on

When I’m consistent with behaviors, and thought patterns, that create distance between me and God; me and my family; me and my friends; me and my goals; me and my HOAM Life Plan…that’s when I experience the most disappointment, frustration, apathy, and hurt in my life.  

Over the past two weeks I’ve been less consistent with my HOAM morning routine. I haven’t reviewed my HOAM Life Plan and Goals like I want to do. I realized that it’s so easy to get pulled into the tyranny of the urgent when I lessen my consistency. And nobody wants to live under tyranny; I sure don’t. That means I have to fight for wise consistency.

Consistency Must Be Fought For

My experience is that I don’t need to fight to be consistent with the wrong things. They are easily attained and require little or no effort on my part. That’s what makes them so dangerous. But the things I really want to be consistent with…I need to battle the lesser, easy, pulls on my time and focus to achieve consistency with those. It’s a daily tug-of-war. But it is sooooooo worth it.

Coaches Help Create Consistency

This is one of the things I love about my job as a faith-based business coach. I help provide the strategic thinking, prioritization, action plans, and accountability people need to figure what they need to be more consistent with. And what they need to be less consistent with so they can experience more of the awesome results consistency provides.

If you or someone you know would like to take advantage of the benefits of consistency and a coach, please go to the homepage of this website and schedule a free consult with me. I look forward to discussing how I could serve you and your desire to move toward greater consistency with the things that matter most to you and your goals for life!

Glen Stevens

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