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Day 90: My Story within THE Story

by Mar 30, 2021HOAM Insights, Life, Psychology0 comments

Today I’ve been able to be thinking about the purpose of life. Especially, how one’s work fits in that purpose. Some work is paid. Other work is not. But in my worldview all work is valuable. The reason is  because work is a major element in the telling of one’s story within a greater, grander, and all-encompassing Story. This all-consuming Story is an ancient story that makes sense of all of our smaller–yet necessary and extremely valuable–stories. In fact, it is the genesis and fulfillment of all of our stories. Your story. My story.

This has been extremely gratifying to me.

Digging into this deeper level of understanding what life is all about creates the spaces needed to build a strong foundation for my life.

  • It finds me with hope for the contributions of the past.
  • It fuels me with hope for the contributions I make today.
  • It fills me with hope for the beautiful and good realization of all future contributions yet to be made.

Here’s how this big picture of stories within THE Story fits with being a Hero On A Mission (HOAM).

The basis for the HOAM Life Plan is to get a person in touch with the story they believe their life was created to tell. Then it provides a framework of vision statements and goal setting that helps us tell those stories well. And to top it all off we are given a daily tool, a daily planner sheet, to help bring it all together for the living of each ordinary day of life. This takes the ordinary any day and makes it extra-ordinary, no matter how mundane it might seem on the surface.

I’m so grateful I’ve been given a roadmap to become a HOAM through Business Made Simple University. And it is so gratifying to share this road map with others through my family and also through Teleion, my coaching business.

Do you know of a Story that makes sense of your story and the stories of everyone else?

Do you know how to specifically come to a clear understanding of your own story within THE Story?

Being a HOAM has helped me with all of this “deep” stuff and helps to make it simple, daily, even ordinary…the kind of ordinary that becomes gloriously extraordinary!

Glen Stevens

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