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Day 80: I Like the Satisfaction of Accomplishment

by Mar 20, 2021Coaching, HOAM Elements, Productivity, Psychology, Weekends0 comments

A calm sense of true satisfaction washed over me as I hit the send button on my computer yesterday afternoon. I’d offered to use my Business Made Simple (BMS) Coaching skills and resources to help a department in a large church-based organization create their message. After that, we were able to create the words we would use to build a website that met their specific needs. I was on a tight time schedule. I’d promised to get the project done by Friday afternoon so we could hand the finished drafts over to the website designers Monday morning. When I hit the send button at 1:31 PM yesterday I delivered on the promise I’d made. Satisfaction.

90-Day Goals

Utilizing my BMS Coaching skills and helping this church-based organization are two of my three 90-Day Goals in my Hero On A Mission (HOAM) Life Plan. This past week I was able to combine those two goals within this project I finished on Friday. I started working on it the previous week when I created some homework for a team of seven people to work on.


I was feeling hopeful, but anxious, as this team of seven joined me on Zoom this past Monday morning. The faces of the men and women on the team were awaiting me when I joined two-minutes late. The Zoom link I had wasn’t the Zoom link I needed. Not a great start.

I’d never worked with this team before, let alone been the lead for a project important to each of them. But for the next two hours we made our way through about half the material we needed cover. We moved quickly, but not too fast. I was delighted that everybody spoke up and shared. I was glad people were willing to disagree, but with respect. That willingness ensured all the ideas we needed were getting verbalized to create a good outcome.   


Three people agreed to meet with me on Wednesday morning for 90 minutes to finish it off. They were very focused and engaged. But after 90 minutes we still weren’t quite done. I had to leave to be on time for another meeting that morning in downtown Fargo. They stayed on the call and finished the work up as best they could.


Thursday afternoon I met with the person who asked me to engage this project for another hour to figure out what still needed to happen. Our goal was to have something that would thrill the website designers we will meet on Monday morning. He and I went through the next steps I needed to do, and he needed to do. My goal was to send my work to him early Friday afternoon.


Friday morning, after coaching a young entrepreneur who is working of his company’s mission statement, I was able to spend another couple of hours to finish the project for the church-based organization. It was actually fun to see all the work that had been done throughout the past 10 days come together. I feel really good and really confident about what we will be sending the web designers.

This HOAM did some great work this week that will result in lots of lives being changed in the years to come. That’s what you’d read about if you read my HOAM Life Plan. Now I’m looking forward to spending the weekend relaxing!

Glen Stevens

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