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Day 70: How to Learn from Failure

by Mar 10, 2021Challenges, Coaching, Life, Psychology0 comments

Failure is a necessary ingredient of all progress. No one is perfect. Only people who don’t try, never fail. So as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) I am learning to embrace failure as a normal part of the human experience. In the past 24 hours I’ve experienced both the lows and the highs of being a HOAM who also fails.

Let’s talk about the failure. Yesterday I was scheduled to host Fargo’s very first live HOAM Workshop. I’d secured the venue: a beautiful room at Railyard Offices on the edge of downtown Fargo. I’d printed a flyer and handed it out. I’d made a special landing page for this workshop on my website. I’d gone over the material yet again so I’d be ready to deliver a great learning experience. I’d promoted it at two events I spoke at and through LinkedIn a few times.

But no one signed up.

That, my friends, is a failure!

The most important thing I’ve learned to do with failure is to turn it into my teacher. When I do, I don’t have to repeat the same failure in the future. The best way to made failure a teacher is by interrogating the failure to discover how it can enlighten me.

  • Why didn’t anyone sign up?
  • What was missing in my marketing and messaging?
  • What else could I have done to produce a different outcome?
  • Who should I have reached out to directly?
  • Who could I talk to that has successfully run a HOAM Workshop?

I haven’t answered all these questions yet. But when I do, I’ll learn valuable lessons. This failure will become a springboard to my success in the future. I’ve already messaged someone who just had her first successful HOAM Workshop in Indiana to learn from her. I have another marketing person in mind to ask for his advice. I have two acquaintances who showed interest initially, but obviously didn’t register. I will call them to find out what factors kept them from making the commitment to attend.

However, today did have a bright side. First, I was facilitating a practice group for six other Business Made Simple Certified Coaches. I needed to do some quick “coach” thinking on my feet. Afterward, they gave me plenty of positive reinforcement and encouragement.

The second bright spot came from a woman I coach named Sarah. She is almost finished going through the HOAM framework. Today she posted a video on LinkedIn sharing the vision she has for her life. As well as how that translates into her 10-Year Vison Statement. Going through HOAM with me was what helped her to see the vision so clearly for herself. So clearly, in fact, she was willing to share the results with the world earlier today. 

Here’s a link to that post.


Glen Stevens

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