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Day 69: My Story Summary Comes Through for Me Again!

by Mar 9, 2021BMSU, HOAM Elements, HOAM Insights0 comments

Yesterday I used my story summary several times in ways that make my life better. I continue to be surprised just how often this ‘summary of the person I aspire to be’ is useful to me. My Story Summary was the second element of the Life Plan I created as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM). Less than 90 days into my HOAM experience I’ve discovered just how valuable it is every single day. I write or verbally share all or some of it in my communications with friends, clients, and the people I’m meeting for the first time.

Here are the different ways this happened on Monday:

  • I wrote it out word-for-word for myself as I filled out my HOAM Daily Planner sheet.

This simple, repetitive act serves as a reminder of why I’m doing what I do each day. It connects me to my purpose in life and my dreams for the future. It fuels my desire to make an impact in the world by making it a better place to live, work, and worship.

  • I shared a phrase from it in a LinkedIn post.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. A phrase from My Story Summary was a perfect line to appreciate and encourage women connected to me through the LinkedIn platform. Women make a big difference in our world and it was fun to see how their success connects to my own story. I’m very thankful for the amazing women God’s placed in my life now and in the past.

  • I shared a phrase from it commenting on two other people’s LinkedIn posts.

I was able to celebrate with and encourage two men who are doing great things in our community. One is even a global leader. Both are making a difference in ways that go well beyond themselves. I love that My Story Summary acknowledges their accomplishments and cheers for them to be even more successful than they are right now.

  • I shared part of it with a person I met for the first time in a Zoom meeting.

How often does some form of the question, “So what do you do?” come up in an initial conversation with someone? It’s almost 99% of the time. I’ve found that My Story Summary is a perfect was to answer that question. And because I write it out 4 or 5 mornings every week I have it memorized.

That means it’s so easy to answer the question, “What do you do?” with confidence. It’s also very easy to “feel out” which parts of it are appropriate for the person I’m talking to, so I make a strong connection without oversharing. Or, I’m aware of how I should expand on one part of it for emphasis.

As I shared part of My Story Summary with the person I was meeting for the first time Monday, I realized it would be good to expand a little. I used a word picture to do that. When I was done, he said, “That’s really beautiful.” It was obvious he liked what I stand for and want to accomplish in our world.

If Your Life Were a Movie

In the Business Made Simple University HOAM online course, Donald Miller coaches us to create our story summary as if we were writing out the two sentences you read to describe a movie you’re considering watching. In the movie business it’s called a “log line.”

Being a HOAM is all about creating a life that is worth making a movie about. My Story Summary is basically the log line to my life’s movie. I want the movie to be something I’d actually want to go see. That makes all the work I’m doing as a HOAM well worth it today as well as many years from now. Lord willing!

Glen Stevens

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