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Day 68: Growing Spiritually Can Be Fun in a Bible Book Club

by Mar 8, 2021HOAM Elements, HOAM Insights, Life0 comments

I love the fact that being a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) involves a holistic approach to life. The spiritual aspect of what it means to live a meaningful life is equally as important as my career in the Vision Statements included in the HOAM framework. To me this is incredibly important. In fact, the Life Plan someone creates when they go through a HOAM workshop, or the course in Business Made Simple University, encourages you to think through how you want to grow spiritually.

In each of my 10-Year, 5-Year, and 1-Year Vision Statements I list about six practices I want to make a regular part of my life that will stimulate spiritual growth. Two spiritual disciplines that make all three of my vision statements are:

  • Almost Daily Bible Reading (about 1 day a week I don’t read)
  • Participation in a Bible Book Club


These two disciplines work hand-in-hand. A Bible Book Club is a small group of people who decide to read the same parts of the Bible each week as individuals. I highly recommend using the Immerse Reading Bible for this. Then we get together (in person or online) to discuss what we read for about 60 or 75 minutes. In my experience, regularly reading the Bible is good for spiritual growth. But regularly reading the Bible in community with others is transformational. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

My Bible Book Clubs

One of my clubs is with three young entrepreneurs in Fargo in their early 20’s. We have been reading together since the summer of 2020 and it’s been awesome. They challenge me to think about life from a Gen Z point of view. That keeps me from getting complacent. I bring years of life experience and pastoral experience to the group that they appreciate. The fact that we’re all entrepreneurs brings us together in a unique way.

This past week we had an incredible conversation about money. As entrepreneurs they know their relationship with money will be determinative in business and in their spiritual vitality. It’s not black-and-white to figure this out. I was so encouraged to listen to them vigorously discussing how to integrate their faith, the teachings of the Bible, and their business dreams so they can live authentically with no regrets.

The second book club just started in late January of 2021. It meets online through Zoom. It’s made up of me and four people who live in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Metro. They range in age from their their early 30’s to mid-40’s. I only knew one of them before this started, and I didn’t know her very well.

Meeting on Zoom isn’t the same as meeting in person. But the spiritual growth and the encouragement are the same. These people are connected either through their work and/or a micro-church they are a part of. At least half of them are reading the Bible for themselves for the first time.

I’ve grown because I’m seeing with fresh eyes how it feels to read the Bible for the first time. To grapple with the questions it forces a person to grapple with. They are glad that I’ve created a structure that enables them to do something they’ve wanted to do, but just couldn’t get the traction.

One of the challenges of spiritual growth is how slowly it usually happens. It’s also very difficult to measure. But identifying spiritual practices that you want to engage in, then finding partners to practice those disciplines with you, is so helpful.

What spiritual practices help you grow? Who are the partners who are pursuing spiritual growth with you?

Glen Stevens

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