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Day 66: Being a Hero On A Mission Can Make Your Marriage Better

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One of the huge benefits of living as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) has been the impact on my marriage. How awesome is this?! Just the other day Jill and I were standing in the kitchen in the middle of doing regular routines on a regular day. As I looked at her, a warm rush of gratitude, appreciation, and love flowed over me. I smiled at her. She smiled inquisitively back at me and asked, “What?” I responded, “I was just thinking, I feel like we’re better friends now than we’ve been in a long, long time. It feels really good to me.”

Jill’s smile brightened and her eyes came alive, “Me too,” she agreed. That made me feel even better than I was feeling. We proceeded to have a great conversation about our relationship.

  • We made observations about why we felt the way we do.
  • We talked about some of the issues we’d overcome.
  • We dreamed about how our friendship could get even better.

Conversations like that are priceless!

Here’s How I Did It

Here’s how being a HOAM made the progress Jill and I have experienced possible for us. It can help you in your most important relationships too.

  • When you create a HOAM Life Plan you foreshadow the life you want to live starting today. The truth is, you can’t change the past. You can only acknowledge it, learn from it, and turn a new page. It also helps to give thanks for it, even if it was hard.
  • Part of your life plan includes writing your own 10-Year, 5-Year, and 1-Year Vision Statements. These vision statements view life holistically. So I needed to envision what I wanted my family relationships to be like in the future. For me, I’d written that I wanted to be best friends with Jill and that we loved doing things together. Travel. Spiritual practices. Spending intentional time with our kids and other family members. Carving out intentional time to spend time with friends. I knew that my growing my relationship with Jill would be the key to any of this happening. So I prioritized our relationship in writing.
  • As a HOAM, I’ve created a daily routine where I read through my life plan several days a week. There’s so much power in consistency. Each day I read my life plan I’m reminding myself of what’s most important. Jill is high on that list for me. And there was a real trickle-down effect. I found myself being more present when I was with Jill. I realized I still have a long way to go to become the husband I truly want to be. I caught myself more often when my mind started to drift when we were talking and I corrected my behavior. I was motivated to be more intentional about how to show Jill how important she is to me. I became more free with my words of appreciation, encouragement, and love. I was also more motivated to be more honest about how I’m really feeling.

After just three months on this HOAM life, the results in my marriage have been so gratifying. Just this alone has made it worth it for me.

Here’s What You Can Do Next

If you’d life my help creating your own Life Plan, that one of the services I offer as a Coach. We can meet one-on-one, in a small group, schedule a workshop with your team at work or with your whole company, or you can register for one of my quarterly workshops.

Make your life better, too! Book a Hero On A Mission Workshop with me today! Just use this link:

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