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Day 65: Friend Friday

by Mar 5, 2021HOAM Insights, Life0 comments

This post is written by my new friend, and Business Made Simple Certified Coach, Jake Brown. Jake is a great guy who lives in the Dallas, TX metro.

Time Flying Vessel…And Maybe It Will Land On Water

Yesterday, I was playing Legos with my kids. We each dove in and started building. There were several small projects going on. Then, the kids started connecting them. We added parts as an idea struck or an interesting block was uncovered. One portion ended up completely blocking several (previously moving) parts. 

As we started picking up the remaining legos and getting ready for dinner, I asked, “so, what is this?” One responded, “It’s a time flying vessel!” Another added, “…and maybe it will land on water!”

Last night after getting the kids ready for bed, I started thinking about how this “vessel” came together. There wasn’t much planning or direction. Whatever happened, happened. It was simple fun. I laughed to myself as I realized, the fruit of all our effort was described as “a time flying vessel…and maybe it will land on water!”

What does that even mean? 

What’s a vessel flying through time hoping to land somewhere?

That’s when it dawned on me. I lived a good deal of my life flying through time hoping to land somewhere interesting one day.

In essence, while I was too busy, my story was being written by fate. I drifted along expecting to get “somewhere”…and hoped I would recognize it when I arrived.

I think we’ve all been in that trap. But, what if we were intentional about living a meaningful life?

Through the Hero On A Mission process, I became clear on the legacy I wanted to leave and the steps it would take to get there. The workbook and structured day planner have ensured my efforts are moving together in a defined direction. No day is perfect, but each day has meaning and clear priorities. Each day can bring me closer to my legacy.

In fact, my legacy is calling as I type…and it sounds like a 3 year old girl saying, “Daddy, may you read my bird book to me?”

It’s time to write a story worth living.

Jake is an Indianapolis Colts football fan. Now that Carson Wentz has been traded to the Colts, I think Jake and I will have even more to talk about in the days ahead.

Check out Jake’s work at

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