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Day 58: The Problem of Over-Work

by Feb 27, 2021Challenges, HOAM Elements, Life, Weekends0 comments

Yesterday I was “dog tired” when I got to the end of my day.

I’m an intense person.

And I’ve worked like an intense person all week.

I feel good about what I’ve accomplished.

But I also realized something last night: I’d fallen into a bad habit.

It’s a familiar habit in my life.

It has helped me at times.

But looking back on 54 years of living, I realize it’s hurt me more than it’s helped me.

What’s the Habit?


A Yellow Light

My Hero On A Mission (HOAM) Life Plan forced me to face the tiredness I felt Friday evening.

I’d been feeling it since Wednesday.

In my 10-Year and 5-Year Vision Statements—which I read 4-5 times each week—I have stated two things I do not want to do every…single…day of my life.

One of those two commitments was to not over-work.


That small box at the end of my HOAM Vision Statements stated what I don’t want to do became a flashing yellow light warning me: “This week, Glen, you were over-working.”

Like I said, this has been a significant problem for me over the years.

Because of my tendency to over-work:

  • My health has suffered
  • My relationships have suffered
  • My joy has suffered

It Takes Courage

I’m glad the yellow light went off for me yesterday.

Now, it’s up to me to have the courage to live differently moving forward—to live like a HOAM.

For me, that means I will not over-work!

Please pray for me, I’m a recovering “over-worker.”

Glen Stevens

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