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Day 56: I’m a Business Made Simple Coach for Heroes On A Mission

by Feb 25, 2021BMSU, Coaching, HOAM Elements0 comments

The past 24 hours of this Hero On A Mission (HOAM) was a blast!

I’m currently coaching two people through the HOAM course on Business Made Simple University.

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Helping people see what’s most important to them, and then guiding them to create a Life Plan to get after it, is so rewarding to me.

Gaining Clarity

I am amazed by how much clarity people receive when they write out an aspirational Obituary for their life.

That is followed by summarizing it all with a Story Summary that’s two or three sentences long.

That one-two punch is catalytic for gaining clarity!

The reason is you are encouraged to ask and then answer questions like:

  • What’s most important to me?
  • Who’s most important to me?
  • Why should anyone care about my aspirational life?

If you take the time to ask and answer those questions—a fuzzy vision for your life takes on 20-20 clarity.

20-20 Vision

It reminds me of being a near-sighted fourth grader who got his first pair of glasses.

I remember it was a cloudy, cold spring day in Minot, ND when I walked into a room with large windows with trees outside.

I was there with my mom to pick up my first pair of glasses.

The moment I put those glasses on and turned my head to look out the window was so magical I remember it over 40 years later.

The tree branches all of a sudden had buds on them!

The words on the building across the street (where my future wife would eventually attend 9th-10th grade) were now legible.

My life changed, because now I saw clearly.

That’s What It’s Like

I’m learning that’s what happens when you become a HOAM!

All of a sudden, you see clearly the desired destination of your life.

That’s what enables you to reverse engineer a life of deep meaning and purpose.

It’s awesome!

I love being able to be a guide for people who are brave enough, and wise enough, to invest time in their future.

My HOAM Life Plan has done so much for me.

I’m grateful.

Glen Stevens

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