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Day 50: Friend Friday

by Feb 19, 2021HOAM Insights, What Is A HOAM?0 comments

I look forward to occasionally sharing guest blog-posts on Fridays, starting today!

These special guests will be talking about their own experience of living as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM).

I’m calling it “Friend Fridays”!

The first contributor on “Friend Fridays” is Jim Jensen.

Like me, Jim is a Certified Business Made Simple Coach. His business is: Strategic Planning Canada.

He has just started his own HOAM adventure. Here is what Jim had to say about it.

Jim’s Story

I always considered myself to be a planner. 

That’s what I do for a living. 

But, it wasn’t until I dived in to Hero On A Mission that I discovered a deeper, purposeful approach to planning a path for my success.  

There are principles in HOAM that I believe in and that I have always used. 

The one that comes to mind is going out to your longest-term goal and work backwards. 

HOAM Course

The HOAM course starts off by describing in your own words and in a meaning that is most important to each of us by writing our own obituary. 

What did our life look like as we look back just about to breathe our last breath? 

If someone told me that I was going to write my own obituary, I would have at best laughed it off.  But the HOAM framework starts off with a very personal, powerful exercise with the writing of an obituary. That was a moving gratifying exercise for me. 

Just the Beginning

The best part is that is just the beginning. 

HOAM then takes us in to our life plan with critical components that get us on track to achieve those visions. 

Goal setting gives us the tools to achieve greatness through the use of short-term wins and accountability. 

Then the most short-term exercise is our daily plan which points us at our visions to ensure that we are planning each and every day with a purpose, which is to do the things, many of which are tough, to achieve our visions and ultimately to make our obituary a factual document of our life. 

Planning, whether it be life planning, business planning, or whatever the planning exercise is, HOAM has given me a newer greater framework of planning out and achieving whatever it is I want and need.

Thank you, Jim, for sharing your experience at the front end of being a HOAM!

I look forward to watching your success in the years ahead.

If you want to learn more about Jim and his business, go to

Where Jim will tell you: Most businesses have no plan for their success.  We have a proven simple approach to strategic planning with a purpose…. your long-term prosperity.

Glen Stevens

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