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Day 5: Hopeful. Encouraged. Energized.

by Jan 8, 2021HOAM Elements, HOAM Insights, Life0 comments

This morning as I opened up my Hero On A Mission (HOAM) Life Plan and Daily Planner I felt hopeful. Encouraged. Energized.

That’s a good way to start a day!


I feel hopeful because I’m loving being reminded each morning of the story I’m writing with my life. The story that will make this world a better place to live and work and worship.

My story reminds me I have important work to do. It’s a story that inspires me to not waste my time because I don’t want to waste my life.

That’s what spending 15-20 minutes re-reading my hoped-for obituary, my ten-year vision, five-year vision, and my one-year vision does for me. It brings me a lot of hope for today and for the future.


I feel encouraged when I re-read my goal setting worksheets because I realize that I’m actually making forward progress.

  • Today and yesterday I booked two speaking events.
  • Today I’ve got a meeting scheduled with an ideal coaching client.
  • I recognize I have been more intentional about connecting with family and friends.

Here’s another bonus. Each morning I read my HOAM Life Plan I’m reminded to include important parts of the projects from my Goal Setting Worksheet as Primary and Secondary tasks in my Daily Plan.

That encourages me because it not only keeps me laser focused. It ensures mission-critical tasks don’t fall through the cracks. I hate it when I allow that to happen!


Today, I’m also feeling energized because I’m excited to add more fuel to my forward momentum.

I’m aligned—spiritually, vocationally, and emotionally. I look forward to what this day has in store.

I know I’m going to get the most important things done. Even a few secondary extras will get done!

Day 5 of this HOAM is a really good day! I sincerely hope your day is too.

And if it isn’t, refuse to give up on your dreams. Solve as many problems as you can. Make a difference in as many people’s lives as you’re able.

And realize your life matters—especially when it’s hard.

Yes, especially then.

Glen Stevens

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