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Day 40: Clean vs Cluttered

by Feb 9, 2021HOAM Insights, Life, Psychology0 comments

The first time I created my Hero On A Mission (HOAM) Life Plan I wrote it all out by hand with a pen. 

Over the next few weeks I made many edits:

  • crossed out words   
  • additions 
  • arrows 
  • scribbles

Needless to say, it had gotten pretty messy. But it worked.

Quarterly Update

I am using my Certified Business Made Simple Coaching group’s run through the HOAM course to update my Life Plan and create new quarterly goals.

This time I used a fillable form to type out my aspirational obituary, my story summary, my 10-Year, 5-Year, and 1-Year vision statements.

During my morning routine I’ve noticed a real difference. 

When I read my HOAM Life Plan it’s been a smoother experience. 

  • It feels like I don’t need as much time   
  • My brain doesn’t have to burn as many calories 
  • My life feels less cluttered

I find myself feeling more calm at the end of the reading than I did with the scribbled on, handwritten draft.  

I’m Learning About Myself

I’ve always been an adapter. 

I take whatever situation I find myself and adapt to fit into the environment. 

I simply make it work.

That includes messy environments (my office) or messy documents (my handwritten Life Plan).

But I much prefer the “clean” appearance and feel of my typed Life Plan.

Guess What I’m Doing This Weekend

I’ll be cleaning my office. 

I don’t have to put up with my own mess. I think it will be worth the effort.

Glen Stevens

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