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Day 4: What Is a Hero On A Mission?

by Jan 4, 2021HOAM Elements, What Is A HOAM?0 comments

A Hero On A Mission (HOAM) is someone who’s using Business Made Simple’s life plan and the daily planner that goes with it.

The materials are available for free at You can print out a hard copy to work with. Or it’s available in a digital form.

I’m a guy who likes a hard copy.

Let’s be honest right away.

For a whole lot of people, a life plan (or a daily planner) is downright intimidating.

Just this morning I showed a friend my great looking HOAM three-ring binder. He said, “I’ve got to be honest with you Glen. Just looking at your binder makes me feel overwhelmed.”

When my friend looked at it, it felt emotionally “heavy”. Like a huge weight someone straps onto their back for life.

The thought of all that “pressure” was enough to make him run in the other direction.

Maybe you can relate?

Been There, Done That

Perhaps, you’ve tried a life plan or daily planning routine before. And it felt like a burdensome enemy, rather than a friend.

If what I’m talking about in this blog feels like that to you, I’ve got good news.

  • I had a blast when I filled out the Life Plan components–best four hours I’d spent in a long time!
  • Your Life Plan doesn’t need to be perfect—you can edit it at any time!
  • I make changes to the wording whenever an idea hits me.
  • I plan to make larger changes at least once a year.
  • I plan to do my annual revision with a handful of close friends making it fun and meaningful.

Tools, Not a Boss

The HOAM Life Plan and Daily Planning sheets are simply tools for me to use to become the person I want to be. They’re not my boss!

If you decide to use them they shouldn’t be your boss either!

I’ve learned you can modify anything to make it work for you.

Experiment with the different elements and sections.

You don’t have to use it every day if you don’t want to. You don’t need to fill out every blank.

Find what works best for you! Have fun with it!

If you do that you will live more closely to your values and accomplish more than you thought possible.

HOAM helps you create a system for living that becomes your most powerful productivity tool.

But if it ever becomes your “boss.” Quit!

Yes, you can do that.

You’re the Boss

Life Plans and Daily Planners are simply tools for life.

You are the Hero On A Mission in charge of your life!

Remember that.

Glen Stevens

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