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Day 34: If Its Worth Doing Once…

by Feb 3, 2021BMSU, Coaching, Quarterly Reviews0 comments

With very few exceptions, doing something a second time is always easier than the first.

I have been living as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) for three months. My first set of goals have hit their completion dates. It’s time for a quarterly review.

This past week I started going through the(HOAM) course a second time. It is providing me the opportunity to do a quarterly update of my Life Plan and goals.

What makes this especially fun is that I’m going through the course this time in a group.

We’re all Business Made Simple Certified Coaches.

Here’s What I’ve Noticed

  1. I am thrilled to see with fresh eyes just how well the first time through the HOAM course served me.
  2. It was so quick and easy to review my aspirational Obituary, My Story Summary, and my 10-year, 5-year, and 1-year Vision Statements. 
  3. The biggest changes I made were to the Primary Tasks in my 1-year Vision Statement.
  4. The real work will be creating new Goals with the Goal Setting Sheets. That’s my next step.
  5. I decided I need to create a Word doc I’ll use to type my Life Plan and share with others who prefer Word to Adobe.

The Benefits of Quarterly Reviews

I benefit from doing a quarterly review like this. It keeps me focused.

When I wait longer than this to do a review, I find the momentum I gained starts to fizzle.

When that happens, I feel like I wasted previous work and precious time.

I hate that feeling.

Doing a quarterly review also connects me to the “Why” of my life.

Which makes each day meaningful.

Glen Stevens

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