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Day 33: How to Find Calm Waters

by Feb 2, 2021HOAM Elements, Life, Psychology0 comments

The first cruise that Jill and I ever went on was to the Bahamas. We were invited to join her parents.

Jill’s dad was a salesman for Coca-Cola and had won a trip for four in a promotion.

I have great memories of that short cruise.

But the first evening, as we moved into open water, was a little rough.


The waters that night were choppy. I noticed it about the time we sat down for dinner.

Choppy waters and dinner aren’t a good combination for land-lubbers from the Northern Plains like us!

The word I learned as a kid for this kind of experience was, “Uff-da!”

It’s Scandinavian slang for a difficult and trying experience.

All I can say is, this was the first day of my life I ever thanked God for Dramamine!

Calm Waters

The rest of the trip we had smooth sailing.

It was an awesome time for making awesome memories.

This story reminds me of how I was feeling yesterday and much of last week.

Overwhelm is like choppy waters that makes me sick emotionally!

But today, I was able to get back to where the water was pleasant for cruising.

I used my Hero On A Mission Life Plan to help me chart a straight course to peaceful waters.

How It Helped

Reading my Life Plan reminded me of what’s most important to me and why.

Reading my Vision Statements reminded me of where I’m going with my life–if I have anything to say about it. And I do!

Reading my Goals helped me focus my attention on the few things I must prioritize right now.

When I filled out my Daily Planner sheet this morning, I knew what I needed to say yes to.

I was also able to say no to some things that would have only gotten in the way of my “mission.”

That’s all the components of HOAM working together to give me exactly what I needed.

I like how God used this to restore calm in my heart and mind.

Glen Stevens

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