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Day 32: Overwhelmed

by Feb 1, 2021Challenges, HOAM Insights, Life0 comments

Sometimes life feels overwhelming.

Today has been like that and it is representative of how I’ve felt the past week. I’ve experienced many other times like this over the past 30 years of my professional career.

But it’s the first time since I’ve been living as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) that I’ve experienced overwhelm.

I’m not surprised.

I’m old enough to know that “life” happens. And when it does, it forces me out of my normal routine.

Because I have a Life Plan and use daily planning sheets most week days, I’ve gained some insight into why I feel the way I do.

Learning #1

I haven’t gone to sleep as early as I want. Result: I haven’t adhered to my normal morning routine because I didn’t get up as planned. Result: I start my day “behind” from the moment I get out of bed.

Learning #2

I have started a couple of new projects that require daily work. I haven’t adequately accounted for the impact of the new tasks.

Learning #3

Block scheduling is a way to minimize these negative impacts. I need to lean into that practice even more than I have in the past.

Learning #4

I have spread myself too thin. I need to add more items to my “Do Not Do” list.

Learning #5

When I allow myself to get pulled into overwhelm I lose a significant percentage of my resolve to stay disciplined. I let small non-essentials slip in and rob precious time. I’m seeing that I use the feelings of overwhelm to justify my lack of discipline.

That’s a lot of self-learning for me to digest!

I Have a North Star

Fortunately, I’ve given myself a North Star with my Life Plan and Goals.

I’m now starting to come out of the storm that was last week.

As a HOAM I can use my North Star to find out how far I was blown off course.

And then I can start to chart a new course that gets me going in the right direction again.

Glen Stevens

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