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Day 29: How to Have a Conversation with Your 80-Year-Old Self

by Jan 29, 2021Coaching, HOAM Elements, HOAM Insights0 comments

On Friday mornings I have been going through the Hero On A Mission (HOAM) course with other Certified Business Made Simple Coaches from across the country.

Since I’m three months into my HOAM adventure, this is a perfect time for me to review and refine my Life Plan.

Hearing how other people are processing the obituary part of the course has been enlightening.

One of the men in the course is probably 20 years my junior, but oh so wise for his age. He and I have become friends.

Writing Your Own Obituary Can Be Intense

For various reasons, he was struggling to write his aspirational obituary.

It’s a very emotional experience! But he had gotten through it.

It has quickly impacted his life.

One insight he shared grabbed my imagination.

“I Have a Conversation with My 80 Year Old Self Each Morning”

He said that part of his morning routine now includes having a conversation with his 80 year old self.

Because he did the work to think about what he hopes will be true of his life at age 80, he is able to imagine how the 80-year version of himself might think.

He shared with us, “I just got off a call where I was offered 30 speaking engagements.”

“And I turned it down.”

Why? As he thought about what his 80-year-old self would tell him to do, he got the clarity he needed to say, “No,” to a good opportunity so he can say, “Yes,” to the great opportunities ahead of him.

He said, “I know it sounds strange. But talking to my future self has become something I do in my morning routine. It helps me.”

He had thought about what he wanted to accomplish with his life when he wrote his obituary.

And this speaking opportunity didn’t help him get to where he wants to go.

It was a powerful moment to get to share with this inspiring young man. I think God has great things in store for him in the future.

I Can Relate

I’ve received clarity from my HOAM Life Plan too.

Because of it, I’ve had the boldness to say, “No,” to some good things, so I’ll have time for even better things.

But I’ve never thought about asking my aspirational 80-year-old self what he thought about the decisions I am currently facing.

If you soak it in prayer, I think God can use a thought-exercise like this to grant wisdom.

And I’ll take all the wisdom I can get!

Glen Stevens

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