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Day 24: The Benefits of Time Travel

by Jan 24, 2021HOAM Insights, Life, Weekends0 comments

The Future

Every day I read my Hero On A Mission Life Plan I take a trip into the future.

I visit my funeral as the obituary is read. I see the faces of the people I love the most. I hear them talk about the husband, father, or friend I was to them. I feel their love, their grief, and their pride.

As I read My 10-Year Vision I visit myself a decade from now.

I smile as I view what’s happening:

  • Jill and me enjoying our annual vacation with the kids and their families and friends
  • Teleion LLC (the business I have built) impacting leaders, companies and churches in ways that advance human flourishing ( and
  • spending a long weekend away with six of my best friends talking about our goals and dreams and having great adventures together
  • a network of micro-churches that joyfully love Jesus and people who are disinterested in and skeptical of any church

Real Life

Of course, the time travel I’m describing is a disappoint if you’re a scientist trying to figure out how to build a DeLorean Time Machine like the Professor in “Back to the Future.”

But if you’re just a normal person like me. Trying to live a life that leaves a legacy you’re proud of.

If you’re the kind of human being who wants to do something—no matter how small—to make our world a better place to live, and work, and worship.

Then this is the best form of time travel you’ll ever take.

This form of future time travel harnesses the power of your imagination and leverages it.

You wake up each morning feeling like THIS day matters…MY life matters.

And today is brimming with potential.

Glen Stevens

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