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Day 23: The Benefits of Time Travel

by Jan 23, 2021HOAM Elements, Psychology, Weekends0 comments

The Past

For about a month Jill, my wife, and I have been traveling to 1967 Glenburn, North Dakota.

Glenburn is the town she called home until she was 11 years old.

We’ve been visiting the kitchens of the women of Glenburn Baptist Church.

What having we been doing there? Making bread.

We’ve made banana bread, date bread, raisin bread, orange bread, oatmeal bread, rolls, and even some waffles.

Today we made overnight buns.

How did we do it?

The answer is simple: The “Cooking with Inspiration” cookbook created and produced by the women of the church.

Jill was cleaning our kitchen and started looking at the recipes of these women she knew. Among them was her mother, neighbors, Sunday school teachers, and the Pastor’s wife.

Jill threw the idea out to me, “I think it would be fun to just start at the beginning and work our way through the cookbook one recipe at a time until its done.”

My response was, “Let’s do it!”

Almost every day we go back in time to 1967. And we prepare a recipe together with one of the fine women of Glenburn showing us how to create one of their favorites.

Saying, “Yes,” to this cooking idea was easy for me.

In my Hero On A Mission vision statements I’ve identified constantly growing my friendship with Jill as one of my top priorities.

Our time travel has been great for that.

  • We’ve had fun
  • We’ve had something new to talk about
  • I’ve learned more about Jill’s childhood
  • I’ve heard some stories about some of the people in her childhood

We’ve also had some good conversations about how to better work together and how to communicate more effectively. 

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about my time travel in the future!

Glen Stevens

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