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Day 21: Can You See It?

by Jan 21, 2021HOAM Elements, HOAM Insights0 comments

One of the aspects of the Hero On A Mission (HOAM) approach has been reading my 10-Year, 5-Year and 1-Year Visions one after the other.

I do this almost daily.

This practice is like a reversing telescope and an amplifying echo for my life.

Vision Statements

Ten years is a long time from now. It almost doesn’t seem real.

However, when I read what I want to see happening in my life in 5 years’ times, I get energized.

The adrenaline kicks in especially when I get to the Family section of the 5-Year Vision.

I start to “feel” the impact of the vision because I see what it could mean for my wife and kids. That’s motivating.

Then I read the 1-Year Vision and realize I don’t have 365 days to accomplish this any longer. That is a strong dose of reality.

I start thinking to myself: “You’ve got a lot to get done to get where you want to go.”

The Career section of the 1-Year Vision fires me up the most.

This is where I listed my financial targets. I realize that if I want to hit those targets—and I really do—then what I do today to grow my business is urgently important.


Right after the Vision Statements, I read my 90-day goals.

Because I’ve just read my 10, 5, and 1-Year Visions, I see these goals in a fresh way.

I see them as critical, not optional.

I see them as my friends because they can help me get to where I want to go.   

The sight of my desired future becomes more and more clear and closeup. Reversing Telescope.

The sound of the why driving what I do today, this week, this month, and this quarter gets louder and louder in my consciousness. Amplified Echo.

Every day that internal sight + sound combination has been powerful fuel for me.

Glen Stevens

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