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Day 20: Fate Is a Terrible Author

by Jan 20, 2021BMSU, Coaching, HOAM Insights0 comments

Fate is a terrible author.

That’s one of the main points of the first video from the Hero On A Mission (HOAM) workshop or online course.

Not that fate isn’t a thing. It’s a thing—just look back at 2020!

But when I surrender my future to fate, I lose too much.


Let me be clear, I don’t mean God when I use the word fate. I understand fate to be an impersonal force outside of our control. Whereas, God is a personal being.

We could talk for hours about metaphysics. But that’s not the point I’m making in this post.

I’m just letting you in on where I’m coming from. In case you were wondering.

What to Do with Fate

At the heart of HOAM is the powerful realization that I do not have to wait for fate to give me the life I want (or you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life and never be satisfied).

I can’t discount fate. Or pretend it’s not real.

But I can choose to be a co-author with fate.

I can co-write the story I want to be true of my life.

I can take responsibility for my life.

  • Where it is now
  • Where it is headed
  • Where I hope, work for and pray it will end up

Rather than feeling paralyzed by forces outside of my control, I can courageously think and take action.

I can create the life I believe I should be living.

The Paradigm Shift

This is a radical paradigm shift. It’s a seismic shift I’ve experienced more than once.

Each time I moved from feeling…

  • powerless to energized
  • from anxious to peaceful
  • from defeated to vision-filled
  • from trapped to free

Just this last year, I left my career to start a new adventure as a spiritual entrepreneur.

I didn’t do it lightly. Only after I became convinced God was urgently inviting me to take the step of faith did I act.

Part of this new adventure has involved starting my own business, Teleion LLC.

Teleion quietly launched the same week as the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 led to the first lockdowns in the United States. In addition the last year has involved all the social, political, economic and ecclesial turmoil that hit the US in 2020.

That’s a lot of fate!

But here’s the strange thing. For me, because I’ve been living this past year as a HOAM, the forces of “fate” in 2020 have had less impact on my life and well-being, than the “fate” I was experiencing in the years before 2020.

What space do you find yourself living in: at the mercy of “fate” or co-authoring an interesting story with (or in spite of) “fate”?

Remember, fate is a terrible author.

Glen Stevens

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