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Day 19: The Opportunity Cost of Perfectionism

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I’m a “word” person.

Words have depths of meaning and semantic range.

One word moves a thought in one direction. While another, similar word, doesn’t.

As a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) I have completed two important writing projects.

1) I wrote my own aspirational obituary

2) I wrote a story summary of the difference I hope my existence on this planet will make

Both are a part of my HOAM Life Plan.

I read them 4-5 times a week.

I also fill out a daily planner sheet 4-6 times per week.

Writing out my story summary at the bottom of the daily sheet is the last thing I do to get ready for my day before I start “working.”

“Word Nerd” Problem

I find that I’m constantly wanting to edit, tweak, and improve what I initially wrote. I think I’ll keep doing that for another month because it helps me meaningfully engage.

It works…for me.

The Opportunity Cost of Perfectionism

But I’m pretty sure there are lots of other people who never change their words for 9-12 months after making minor changes the first couple of times through.

If they had to do what I choose to do, they’d get really frustrated. Or go crazy!

Sometimes I wish I were more like those people. I know I often waste too much time wordsmithing. I’d be more satisfied with my life not over-analyzing my word choices.

Simply writing this out makes me want to learn from those whose strengths and interests are different from mine.

I want to see with fresh eyes the opportunity costs of perfectionism.

At the same time, I will continue to hold the belief that words matter. They are powerful.

And the right word, said in the right way, in the right context makes a world of difference.

Wisdom is knowing when those few times are.

Then letting go of my desire to “improve” the words all those many other times.

Glen Stevens

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