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Day 14: Eureka!

by Jan 14, 2021HOAM Elements, HOAM Insights0 comments

Today I had a fun eureka moment.

As I was enjoying the moment, it dawned on me that it was the result of a synergistic collision of two different components of being a Hero On A Mission (HOAM).

Ingredient #1

A practice in my One-Year Vision under the “Spiritual” heading.

I call this practice a “Personal Retreat Day (PRD).” During a PRD I trade a day of “work” for a day of reflection, spiritual practices, and forward thinking about my work and life.

My vision is to take a PRD once a month this next year.

I’ve taken these special and powerful days irregularly in the past. But their impact warrants a monthly rhythm.

So, as I listed my “Primary Tasks” for my One-Year Vision I included scheduling PRDs into my calendar. I knew from experience that I would simply never get around to taking them unless I prioritized this task.

45 days after writing out my One-Year Vision I populated my calendar with monthly PRDs. And twelve days ago I took my first PRD in over a year!

Ingredient #2

A Milestone in one of my “Goal Setting Worksheets”

That milestone was to create a different training module each month to help develop leaders.

So far, finished one of these modules since crafting my goals.

How the Synergy Became, “Eureka!”

During my PRD—which I wouldn’t have been taking if I weren’t living as a HOAM—I listened to a podcast about creating passive income. One way to do that: create a subscription plan.

It dawned on me that the leadership development training modules I’ve started creating have great value. They could easily become a valuable product of a monthly subscription plan.

Since I had already made a personal commitment to create a module a month for years to come. It is sustainable and will not add loads more to my workload once I get the system set up and automated.

The first time I shared my subscription idea with another leader I wasn’t trying to “sell” him a subscription. I was simply telling him what I’ve been up to lately.

He asked me a couple of clarifying questions. Had me give a couple of examples.

I told him I’m planning to charge $9/month a subscription.

Without skipping a beat, he said, “Put me down for $1,000. That’s 100 subscriptions. I’ll give them away to leaders I know.”


I’m pretty sure the look of surprise on my face was comical.

If I hadn’t made scheduling a PRD a Primary Task in my One-Year goals, I would have never listened to that podcast about passive income sources.

And if I hadn’t committed to creating a monthly training module in my goals, I wouldn’t have been reading that milestone 3-5 times each week so it was fresh in my mind.

I doubt the collision of these ideas would have produced a “Eureka” without both ingredients.

But I’m a HOAM.

I’ve done the work of creating a Life Plan that gets translated into daily action every week.

Result: “Eureka!”

Including my first sale of not one, but 100 subscriptions without even trying!

Glen Stevens

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