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Day 103: How to Manage My Time More Effectively

by Apr 12, 2021Challenges, Life, Productivity Hacks0 comments

Now that I’m over 100 days into living as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) time is the biggest challenge. Finding/Making the 30-40 minutes it takes me each day to read my HOAM Life Plan and fill out my daily planner sheet isn’t easy for me. I’ve been thinking about why that is and here are the reasons I’ve come up with.

My Personality – High C, Midline D

If you’ve heard of the DiSC Profile, I’m a high C (Conscientiousness = details and accuracy are important to me) and a midline D (Dominance I’m results driven and need the big picture). It’s an odd combination. When it comes to being a HOAM, for me, I’ve written out a very detailed Life Plan (High C) which takes more time. I also have many results I want to accomplish (the D in me) which makes my Life Plan longer, rather than shorter. And when I read through my Life Plan I feel like I’ve cheated if I don’t read it slowly (more C behavior). I am also very thorough when I fill out my Daily Planning Sheets (even more C). Add all of that up and it equals time.

My Other Morning Routine Priorities

I have other morning priorities too. I have back stretches I need to do each morning. I also follow that up with a short cardio workout. Both of those are for my physical health. I read my Bible each morning for my spiritual health. I prepare breakfast for myself, Jill and Anna. I also shower and dress for the day. That’s a lot of time-consuming activity.

My Propensity to Try to Do Too Much

I tend to try to do too much and get too involved in too many disparate activities and commitments. Sometimes, I am very responsible and don’t want to let other people down. So I’ll keep doing things I shouldn’t because I want to follow through on projects I’ve started. Other times, I commit myself to projects I find enjoyable or fun, but don’t truly fit my vision statements. Social media is also constantly begging me to waste time each day.

My Schedule Added Two Morning Meetings in 2021

By adding a weekly 8:15 AM each Tuesday and a weekly 7:30 AM each Thursday, I shrunk the time I have to accomplish my morning routine those days. It makes it impossible to get all my morning routine activities done like I was used to doing. It’s put pressure on those mornings.

Possible Solutions

The thought exercise of writing this blog post has helped me recognize some of my barriers. It has also birthed some ideas that could help me. Here are some ways I could try to solve this issue that make sense for my life.

  1. Read my Life Plan while I prepare breakfast
  2. Record my Life Plan as an audio file I listen to while stretching/exercising
  3. Streamline my Life Plan
  4. Go to bed and wake up a half hour earlier each day

Glen Stevens

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