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Day 102: How I’m Learning to Lean In on Weekends

by Apr 11, 2021Weekends, What Is A HOAM?0 comments

You know when you’re in a conversation with someone and they are really interested in what you’re saying. Have you noticed what they do? They lean in to make sure they’re hearing you. As a Hero On A Mission (HOAM) I’ve found that weekends are a great time for building some of my most family relationships by leaning in. It has involved:

  • regular dates and extended time to talk with Jill
  • daddy-daughter dates with my third child
  • making meals everyone under our roof likes and can enjoy at the same table
  • monthly zoom meetings with my parents and siblings

Yesterday I got to experience two those because as a HOAM I recognized the opportunities in front of me and made sure I didn’t drop the ball when it was given to me.

Taking the Time to Listen to Understand

In the morning and afternoon Jill and I had two really healthy, extended, and important talks about things going on in our lives right now. The weekend meant I had the time to give to listen to understand Jill’s heart on a couple of things. Being a HOAM meant I took that time rather than exiting if it ever made me uncomfortable. I’m a task-driven person, so I’ve always got a list of things I want to get done in the back of my mind. I need to force myself to shelf those tasks to give relational conversation the air it needs to breathe. Fortunately, I did that a couple of times yesterday.

Two Dates with an Important Woman

I also had two daddy-daughter dates. First, we went to our shake shop to get protein shakes for lunch. My third loves to go with me to the shop and buy us our lunch. And tease me somewhere along the way. Then, she and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the watch party for the North Dakota State vs. Northern Iowa football game. This time we got to enjoy a good game, some good food and drink, and more time together building memories.

I didn’t get some of the tasks I wanted to get done, done yesterday. What I did get in return was better.


Glen Stevens

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