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Day 101: In North Dakota It’s a Big Deal that Spring = Warmer!

by Apr 10, 2021HOAM Elements, Psychology, Weekends0 comments

I love spring. The weather begins to warm up again. The grass returns to green. Trees begin to bud and leaf out. The tulips emerge. And it so much easier to get outside and enjoy moving around in a climate like we have here in Fargo. This year in North Dakota we’ve been experiencing an unusually early spring. Which impacts me in two ways as a Hero On A Mission (HOAM).

Spring Weather Impacts My Health

In my 10-Year, 5-Year, and 1-Year Vision Statements there is a section titled Health. In this section I lay out my vision for what my future health looks like. This includes regular exercise and a target weight. My favorite way to get some regular exercise is riding bike. Spring makes that form of exercise possible for me again.

Yes, in Fargo we have die-hard bike riders who ride all year. Many of those people have bikes with fat tires to make it safe. But I’m not going to invest in everything it takes to do that; and keeping your face, hands, and feet warm at the same time; and I’d rather avoid the greater risk of injury.

But now that spring is here and the snow is gone (probably for good this season, but up here you never know!) I can enjoy riding again. That helps me with my daily exercise. Which helps me with my weight target.

Spring Weather Impacts My Prayer Life

The second section of my HOAM vision statements that is impacted by the weather is titled Spiritual. I desire to pray more often and more meaningfully in the years ahead. My favorite posture of prayer is walking outside in God’s creation. I enjoy (and therefore take) a good prayer walk much more often when I’m not distracted by the cold weather of winter on my face and cutting through my coat or gloves.

I’m really looking forward to some long prayer walks with God in the days and months ahead. Today is going to be one of those days. I can take advantage of beautiful spring temperatures and celebrate God with worship and gratitude.

What will you be doing this Saturday?

Glen Stevens

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