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Day 100: The Pros and Cons of Deadlines

by Apr 9, 2021Challenges, HOAM Elements, HOAM Insights0 comments

Deadlines get things done. For 20+ years I was responsible to bring a 30-40 minute sermon for several hundred people every Sunday morning. It happened because 9:00 AM Sunday happened every seven days. That deadline meant the sermon got done—whether I thought it was good, or ready, or not. I know about the power of deadlines.

HOAM Creates Meaningful Deadlines

One of the great things about the Hero On A Mission (HOAM) frameworks is the deadlines that get created when a person creates their Life Plan. Those deadlines then get turned into daily mini-deadlines when using the HOAM daily planner sheets. When I use them, I’ve reviewed the deadlines I’ve set for myself in my life plan and prioritize three activities to get done today, creating three powerful and meaningful deadlines for my next 6-12 hours.

Deadlines are powerful because deadlines create urgency. Urgency creates motivation. Motivation gets things done. That’s how it works.

I’ve also noticed that deadlines sometimes don’t work for me sometimes because they create too much pressure. That’s one of the things I’m realizing about myself with fresh awareness 100 days into living as a HOAM. (Yes, today is 100 days!!!)

Too Many Deadlines = Too Much Pressure

Deadlines don’t work when I have too many of them. When I created my HOAM Life Plan I narrowed down my focus really well in my Obituary, Story Summary, and 10-Year Vision Statement. But as I created my 1-Year Vision Statement and three Primary Goals for this quarter I let other activities creep into my written goals. That means I have too many different kinds of goals all requiring deadlines. Too many deadlines can’t all be done. That creates pressure.

HOAM Is a Mirror for Your Life

This is pretty simple to understand. But when it’s my life and I’m living it out each day, it’s like I’m too close to all the activity to see what’s really happening. It’s like holding up a mirror to see what I look like. But I’m holding the mirror ¼ inch from my face. It doesn’t give me an accurate view.

I’ve found, 100 days into my HOAM journey, that my HOAM Life Plan, morning routine, and blogging my experiences each day, has helped me move the mirror out about two feet from my face. This enables me to see what I really look like. The benefit of that is I know what I need to do if I want to look better now. I need to reprioritize my goals to more accurately reflect my true vision for life. In other words, I need fewer deadlines and more focused goals.

All that’s left is to do it…which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Deadlines get things done. There are real pros and cons to deadlines. But in my experience the pros greatly outweigh the cons by a ton. But they do need to be managed. How do you manage your deadlines?

Glen Stevens

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