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Day 1: Fate Is a Terrible Author

by Jan 1, 2021BMSU, Life, What Is A HOAM?0 comments

Here’s the deal. “Fate is a terrible author.”

Intuitively I’ve known this is true all along.

Allowing the direction of my life to be charted by “fate” is an exercise in futility and disappointment.

Shoot, I’m over 50. I know this is true from painful experience.

But “fate” is not my master.

I am a human being. I have been given agency. As a person of faith, I believe I was given agency to cooperate with “fate” to create my future.

It starts today.

The Hero On A Mission Course

Donald Miller created this incredible course called Hero On A Mission (or HOAM). It’s a simple and practical Life Plan and Daily Planner course. “Fate is a terrible author,” is the mic-drop line in the first video.

I first heard it while being certified to become a Business Made Simple Coach.

I was so excited as Don walked us through the course content! My heart started “high-fiving” my soul as I dreamt of the possibilities of how I’d be able to help thousands of people grab hold of the reigns of their lives with HOAM.

But I knew, I needed to start with myself first. I did.

The Purpose of This Blog

Now, two months later, I’ve decided to chronicle my journey as a HOAM for one year. Starting today, January 1, 2021.

My intention is to I share my journey in hopes that you can benefit from it. Perhaps, you’ll even be inspired to become a HOAM yourself.

For the next 364 days I will be sharing my “a-ha!” moments, “ouch” failures (expect many), and the “best practices” I uncover.

My goals:

1) I want to serve you. Life is hard. We’re often pulled in a million different directions by all kinds of craziness that distracts us from creating the legacy we want.

Think of this blog as your secret weapon to defeat the enemies waging war against your own success.

2) If I journal my experience of living as HOAM I have a much better chance of success.

Here’s to success — yours and mine!!

P.S. You can find the course Hero On A Mission on Business Made Simple University’s learning platform. If you’d like to subscribe, I’d be honored if you’d use my code when you order your one-year subscription (I’ll receive my code later this month!)

P.P.S. If you’d rather. I’d be happy to coach you, or your family, or your company, or your senior management team, or your office, or your church, or your friends (you get the picture!) through the Hero on a Mission course. I’m a Business Made Simple Certified Coach and HOAM Coaching and HOAM Workshops are one of the services I proudly offer.

Glen Stevens

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