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Day 99: How I Know It Went Well

Day 99: How I Know It Went Well

About fifty student-athletes were seated in the room. Their eager eyes were looking up at me wondering if I’d say anything that connected with their lives. I’d only met three of them before and that was a couple of years ago. I was there to give a talk about business...
Day 96: Family Time Is Precious Time

Day 96: Family Time Is Precious Time

I smiled as Jill brought the ham and cheezy potatoes to the beautifully set table. A rare occurrence was taking place. All six of us Stevens were in the same place at the same time eating a delicious meal. We prayed. We caught up on life. We laughed. We shared stories...
Day 95: Easter Sunday

Day 95: Easter Sunday

Today I celebrate the reason I’m a Hero On A Mission. The bigger story in which my story fits hinges on what happened to Jesus on the first Easter Sunday. The resurrection changed history and points to a future resurrection I look forward to with faith. It also fills...
Day 92: How Being a Hero On A Mission Is Helping My ‘Overwork’ Ethic

Day 90: My Story within THE Story

Today I’ve been able to be thinking about the purpose of life. Especially, how one’s work fits in that purpose. Some work is paid. Other work is not. But in my worldview all work is valuable. The reason is  because work is a major element in the telling of one’s...

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